This is a small version of the Giant List, containing only the people referenced in Halcyon Days. The small version loads much faster.
Adams, Scott [founder of Adventure International]
	[B] Adventureland (1978, TRS, AI)
	[B] Pirate Adventure, with Alexis Adams (1978, TRS, AI)
	[TB] Awari (1979, TRS, SoftSide)
	[B] Secret Mission (1979, TRS, AI) aka Mission Impossible
	[TB] Backgammon (1980, TRS, SoftSide)
	[B] Voodoo Castle (1980, AI)
	The Count (1981, AI)
	Strange Odyssey (1981, AI)
	Mystery Fun House (1981, AI)
	Pyramid of Doom, with Alvin Files (1981, AI)
	Ghost Town (1981, AI)
	Savage Island, Part 1 (1982, AI)
	Savage Island, Part 2, with Russ Wetmore (1982, AI)
	Golden Voyage, with William Demas (1982, AI)
	Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle (1982)
	Return to Pirate's Isle (1983, TI99, AI)
	The Hulk (1984, many, AI)
	Spiderman (1984, many, AI)
	Fantastic Four (1984, many, AI)
	The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, with Philip Case, Kern McNair (1985, many, AI)
	Return to Pirate's Island 2 (2000, many, AI)

Averett, Ed
	Take the Money and Run (1979, O2, Magnavox)
	I've Got Your Number (1979, O2, Magnavox)
	Invaders from Hyperspace (1979, O2, Magnavox)
	Showdown in 2100 A.D.(1979,O2, Magnavox)
	War of Nerves (1979, O2, Magnavox)
	Alpine Skiing (1979, O2, Magnavox)
	Hockey/Soccer (1979, O2, Magnavox)
	Volleyball (1980,O2, Magnavox)
	Electronic Table Soccer (1980, O2, Magnavox)
	Pocket Billiards (1980, O2, Magnavox)
	Pachinko (1980, O2, Magnavox)
	Casino Slot Machine (1980, O2, Magnavox)
	Blockout/Breakdown (1980, O2, Magnavox)
	Alien Invaders Plus (1980, O2, Magnavox)
	UFO (1981, O2, Magnavox)
	Monkey Shines (1981, O2, Magnavox)
	Quest for the Rings (1981, O2, Magnavox)
	Conquest of the Worlds (1981, O2, Magnavox)
	Great Wall St. Fortune Hunt (1981, O2, Magnavox)
	K.C. Munchkin (1981, O2, Magnavox) Pac-Man-like
	Freedom Fighters (1981, O2, Magnavox)
	Pick Axe Pete (1981, O2, Magnavox)
	K.C.'s Crazy Chase (1982, O2, Magnavox)
	Attack of the Time Lord, with Linda Averett (1982, O2, Magnavox) aka Terrahawks
	Power Lords (1983, O2, Magnavox)

Berry, Danielle [formerly Dan Bunten; RIP 1998]
	Wheeler Dealers (1978, AP2, Speakeasy)
	Computer Quarterback (1979, AP2, SSI)
	Cartels & Cutthroats, with Bill Bunten (1981, AP2, SSI)
	[G] Cytron Masters (1982, AP2, SSI)
	[G] M.U.L.E. (1983, 800, EA)
	[G] Seven Cities of Gold (1984, 800, EA)
	[G] Heart of Africa (1985, C64, EA)
	Robot Rascals, with Alan Watson (1986, C64, EA)
	[G] Modem Wars (1988, PC, EA)
	[G] Command HQ (1990, PC, Microrose)
	[G] Global Conquest (1992, PC, EA)
	[D] Warsport (1997, PC, TimeSink)

Biggs, Stephen C.
	Slamball (1984, C64, Synapse) originally started for 800 by  Dirk Van Horne

Billyard, Adam Michael
	Bellum (1983, 800, APX) Scramble-like
	Henri (1984, 800, Visions Software Factory) Mr. Do-like
	Chop Suey (1983, 800, English)
	ElectraGlide (1984, 800, English)
	Q-Ball (1985, ST, English)

Boden, Scott
	[P] Star Castle, with Tim Skelly (1980, COIN, Cinematronics)
	Solar Quest (1981, COIN, Cinematronics)
	Complex X (1982, COIN, Taito)
	Trivia Master (1985, COIN, PGD)

Braben, David
	Elite, with Ian Bell (1984, BBC, Acornsoft)
	Lander (1987, ARC) early demo of Zarch that shipped with Acorn machines
	Zarch (1988, ARC, Superior) later "Virus" for AMI
	Frontier: Elite II (1993, AMI)
	Frontier: First Encounters (1995, PC, GameTek)
	Darxside (1995, GEN, Sega)
	Virus 2000 (1998, PC)

Budge, Bill
	Penny Arcade (1979, AP2, Apple)
	Trilogy of Games (1980, AP2, California Pacific)
	Space Album (1980, AP2, Calfornia Pacific)
	[N] 3-D Game Tool (1981, AP2, Callifornia Pacific)
	Tranquility Base (1981, AP2, Stoneware)
	Raster Blaster (1981, AP2, BudgeCo)
	Pinball Construction Set (1983, AP2, EA) originally from BudgeCo
	[N] MousePaint (1984, AP2, Apple)
	Virtual Pinball (1994, GEN, EA)
	[G] Bladeforce (1995, 3DO, Studio 3DO)

Christensen, Greg
	Caverns of Mars (1981, 800, Atari)
	Phobos (1982, 800, APX)
	Caverns of Mars II (1984?, 800, Antic) aka Mars Mission II
	[G] Battle Chess (1988, AMI?, Interplay)

Crane, David
	[P] Canyon Bomber (1978, 2600, Atari) port from COIN
	[P] Outlaw (1978, 2600, Atari) aka Gunslinger; port from COIN
	Slot Machine (2600, 1979, Atari)
	[N] Atari 800 OS, with Alan Miller, Larry Kaplan (1979, 800, Atari)
	Outlaw/Howitzer (1979, 800, APX)
	Fishing Derby (1980, 2600, ACT)
	Dragster (1981, 2600, ACT)
	Laser Blast (1981, 2600, ACT)
	Freeway (1981, 2600, ACT)
	Grand Prix (1982, 2600, ACT)
	Pitfall (1982, 2600, ACT)
	Decathalon (1983, 2600, ACT)
	Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (1984, 2600, ACT)
	Ghostbusters (1984, C64, ACT)
	[D] Ghostbusters (1985, 2600, ACT)
	Little Computer People (1985, C64, ACT)
	Transformers (1986, C64, ACT)
	Skateboardin' (1987, 2600, Absolute)
	Super Skateboardin' (1988, 7800, Absolute)
	A Boy And His Blob (1989, NES, Absolute)
	The Rescue of Princess Blobette (1990, GBOY, Absolute)
	Amazing Tennis (1992, SNES, Absolute)
	[G] Toys (1993, SNES, Absolute)

Crawford, Chris
	[B] Tanktics (1978, PET, self)
	[B] Legionnaire (1979, PET, self)
	Wizard (1980, 2600, Atari) not released until 2005
	[B] SCRAM (1981, 800, Atari)
	[B] Tanktics (1981, 800) update of 1978 game
	[B] Energy Czar (1981, 800, Atari)
	"Eastern Front (1941)" (1981, 800, APX)
	Legionnaire (1982, 800, Avalon Hill)
	Excalibur, with Larry Summers, Valerie Atkinson (1983, 800, APX)
	Balance of Power (1985, MAC, Mindscape)
	Patton vs. Rommel (1986, MAC, EA)
	Trust & Betrayal (1987, MAC, Mindscape)
	Balance of Power II (1988, MAC, Mindscape)
	The Global Dilemma: Guns & Butter (1990, MAC, Mindscape)
	Balance of the Planet (1990, MAC, self)
	Patton Strikes Back (1991, MAC, BROD)
	[N] Storytron (2009, self) storytelling system

Decuir, Joe [one of the chip designers for the 2600, 800, and AMI]
	Video Olympics (1977, 2600, Atari)

DeFrisco, Steve
	Tropical Trouble (1982, INTV, Imagic)
	Wing War, co-designed by Alan Smith (1984, 800, Imagic)
	[G] I, Damiano (1984, AP2, Imagic)
	[P] Sherlock Holmes II (1986, AP2, Imagic)
	Secret Quest (1987, 2600, Atari)
	MotoRodeo (1988, 2600, Atari)
	[UP] Klax (1989, 2600, Atari) port from COIN
	Styxx and Bones, with Nolan Bushnell (1990, MAC, VENT)
	Baseball Heroes (1991, LNX, Atari)
	Prize Fighter, with Kevin Welsh, Mark Klein (1994, SCD, Sega)
	Slam City with Scottie Pippen, with Kevin Welsh (1994, SCD, Sega)

Dougherty, Brian [co-founder of Imagic & Berkeley Softworks, later Geoworks]
	[G] Space Spartans (1982, INT, Mattel)
	Swords & Serpents (1983, INT, Imagic)

Fox, David
	[L] Rescue on Fractalus! (1984, 800, Lucasfilm)
	[G] Labyrinth (1986, AP2/C64, Lucasfilm)
	[G] Maniac Mansion (1986, C64, Lucasfilm)
	[L] Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (1988, C64, Lucasfilm)
	[G] Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (1989, PC, Lucasfilm)
	[L] Mirage (LucasArts) "location-based entertainment project"
	[L] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm (1994, SCD, Rocket Science)

Freeman, Jon [co-founder of Automated Simulations, which turned into Epyx]
	[D] Starfleet Orion, with Jim Connelley (1978, PET, ASIM)
	[D] Invasion Orion, with Jim Connelley (1979, PET, ASIM)
	[D] Temple of Apshai, with Jim Connelley, Jeff Johnson (1979, PET/TRS, ASIM)
	[D] Datestones of Ryn, with Jim Connelley, Jeff Johnson (1979, TRS, ASIM)
	[D] Morloc's Tower, with Jim Connelley, Jeff Johnson (1979, TRS, ASIM)
	[D] Rescue at Rigel, with Jim Connelley (1980, TRS, ASIM)
	[G] Hellfire Warrior (1980, TRS, ASIM)
	[D] Star Warrior, with Jim Connelley (1981,TRS, ASIM)
	[D] Sorcerer of Siva (1981, TRS, ASIM)
	[D] Keys of Acheron, with Paul Reiche (1981, TRS, ASIM)
	[G] Upper Reaches of Apshai (1981, TRS, ASIM)
	[D] Crush, Crumble & Chomp!, with Jim Connelley (1981, TRS, ASIM)
	[D] Tax Dodge, with Anne Westfall (1982, 800, Island Graphics)
	[D] Murder on the Zinderneuf, with Paul Reiche, Robert Leyland (1983, 800, EA)
	[D] Archon, with Anne Westfall, Paul Reiche (1983, 800, EA)
	[D] Archon II: Adept, with Anne Westfall, Paul Reiche (1984, 800, EA)
	[D] Swords of Twilight, with Anne Westfall (1989, AMI, EA)
	[D] Archon Ultra, with Anne Westfall (1994, PC, EA)
	[D] Simplex, with Anne Westfall (online, GameTV)
	[D] Eureka, with Anne Westfall (online, GameTV)
	[D] Reflection, with Anne Westfall (online, GameTV)
	[D] Stop & Go, with Anne Westfall (online, GameTV)
	[D] Grab, with Anne Westfall (online, GameTV)
	[D] Heartless, with Anne Westfall (online, GameTV)

Frye, Todd
	[P] Touch Me (1977, HAND, Atari) port from COIN
	[P] Asteroids (1981, 800, Atari) port from COIN
	[P] Pac-Man (1982, 2600, Atari) port from COIN
	[D] Swordquest Earthworld, with Dan Hitchens (1982, 2600, Atari)
	Swordquest Fireworld (1982, 2600, Atari)
	Swordquest Waterworld (1983, 2600, Atari)
	[G] Summer Games (1984, C64, Epyx)

Gebelli, Nasir [founder of Gebelli]
	Star Cruiser (1980, AP2, Sirius) Galaxian-like
	Phantoms Five (1980, AP2, Sirius)
	Both Barrels (1980, AP2, Sirius) two games: High Noon and Duck Hunt
	Gorgon (1981, AP2, Sirius) Defender-like
	Space Eggs (1981, AP2, Sirius)
	Cyber Strike (1981, AP2, Sirius)
	Pulsar II (1981, AP2, Sirius)
	Autobahn (1981, AP2, Sirius)
	Horizon V (1981, AP2, Gebelli)
	Firebird (1981, AP2, Gebelli)
	Zenith (1982, AP2, Gebelli)
	Neptune (1982, AP2, Gebelli)
	Mouser (1983, PCJR, IBM)
	ScubaVenture (1983, PCJR, IBM)
	Rad Racer (1987, NES, Squaresoft)
	3D World Runner (NES, Squaresoft)
	Final Fantasy I (1987, NES, Squaresoft)
	Final Fantasy II (1988, NES, Squaresoft)
	The Secret of Mana (1993, SNES, Squaresoft)

Goodman, Marc
	Asteroid (1980, AP2, AI) aka Planetoids, Asteroids-like
	Space Warrior (1981, AP2, BROD)
	The Bilestoad (1982, AP2, Datamost)

Gorlin, Dan [founder of Ariok Entertainment]
	Choplifter (1982, AP2, BROD)
	Airheart (1987, AP2, BROD)
	Typhoon Thompson: Search for the Sea Child (1988, ST/AMI, BROD)

Griner, Tom
	Guardian (1981, VIC, Systems Formulate)
	Meteors (1981, VIC, Systems Formulate)
	Astroblitz (1982, VIC, Creative)
	Videomania (1982, VIC, Creative)
	Black Hole (1982, VIC, Creative)
	Terraguard (1982, VIC, Creative)
	Predator (1982, VIC, HES)
	Mosquito Infestation (1982, VIC, HES)
	Satellite Patrol (1982, VIC, HES)
	Maze (1983, VIC, HES)
	[P] Shamus (1983, VIC, HES) port from 800
	[P] Choplifter (1983, VIC, Creative) port from AP2
	Astroblitz Deluxe (1983, C64, Creative)
	[P] Robotron (1985, C64, Atarisoft) port from COIN
	[P] Stargate (1985, C64, Atarisoft) port from COIN

Hales, Steve
	Slime, with Erich Horn (1982, 800, Synapse)
	Fort Apocalypse (1982, 800, Synapse)
	Suicide Mission (1982, 2600, Starpath)
	Dimension X (1984, 800, Synapse)
	[L] Mindwheel, with Robert Pinsky (1985, Synapse)

Harris, John
	[B] Bomb Blaster (1980, 800)
	Chase (1980, 800)
	[B] Battle Warp (1980, 800, West Coast)
	Jawbreaker (1981, 800, Sierra) Pac-Man-like
	Mouskattack (1982, 800, Sierra) Frisky Tom-like
	[P] Frogger (1982, 800, Sierra)
	Jawbreaker (1983, 2600, Tiger)
	[NP] Hansel & Gretel (1984, 800, Blythe Valley) educational
	[NP] Briar Rose (1984, 800, Blythe Valley) educational
	[N] various information display systems (1985-93, 800)

Herrera, Fernando
	[B] Space Chase (1981, 800, Swifty)
	Astro Chase (1983, 800, First Star)
	Bristles (1983, 800, First Star)
	Rockford, with Tony Manso, Peter Liepa (1985, AMI/COIN, First Star)
	Superman, with Tony Manso, Jim Nangano (1985, C64, First Star)

Huether, Jim
	Flag Capture (1978, 2600, Atari)
	Steeplechase (1981, 2600, Sears)
	Sky Diver (1979, 2600, Atari)
	Realsports Football (1982, 5200, Atari)
	[U] Xevious (1984, 5200, Atari)

Jarvis, Eugene P.
	[P] The Atarians, with Fred Yates (1977, PIN, Atari)
	Time 2000 (1977, PIN, Atari)
	[P] Airborne Avenger (1978, PIN, Atari)
	[P] Space Riders (1978, PIN, Atari)
	[P] Superman (1979, PIN, Atari)
	[P] Lazer Ball (1979, PIN, Williams)
	[P] Firepower (1980, PIN, Williams)
	Defender, with Larry DeMar, Sam Dicker, Paul Dussault (1981, COIN, Williams)
	Stargate, with Larry DeMar (1981, COIN, Williams)
	Robotron: 2084, with Larry DeMar (1982, COIN, Williams)
	Blaster, with Larry DeMar (1983, COIN, Williams) prototyped on 800/5200
	[L] F-14 Tomcat, with Ed Boon (1986, PIN, Williams)
	[D] NARC (1989, COIN, Williams)
	High Impact Football, with Ed Boon, John Newcomer (1991, COIN, Williams)
	[D] Cruis'n USA (1994, COIN, Midway)
	[L] Cruis'n world (1996, COIN, Midway)

Kaplan, Larry
	Air-Sea Battle (1977, 2600, Atari)
	Street Racer (1977, 2600, Atari)
	Brain Games (1978, 2600, Atari)
	Bowling (1979, 2600, Atari)
	[N] Atari 800 OS, with David Crane, Alan Miller (1979, 800, Atari)
	Bridge (1981, 2600, ACT)
	Kaboom! (1981, 2600, ACT) Avalanche-like

Kitchen, Dan
	Crystal Caverns (1982, AP2, Hayden)
	Crackpots (1983, 2600, ACT)
	Crime Stopper, with Barry Marx (1983, AP2, Hayden)
	[P] Kung Fu Master (2600, 1984, ACT) port from COIN
	[P] Ghostbusters (1985, 2600, ACT)
	[P] Double Dragon (2600, 1989, ACT) port from COIN

Landrum, Stephen H.
	Viper (AP2, RDA Systems)
	Communist Mutants from Space (1982, 2600 SuperCharger, StarPath)
	[P] Frogger (1982, 2600 SuperCharger, StarPath) port from COIN
	Dragon Stomper (1982, 2600 SuperCharger, StarPath)
	Pitstop II, with Dennis Caswell (1984, C64, Epyx)
	[G] Summer Games (1984, C64, Epyx)
	[G] Temple of Apshai Trilogy (1985, 800, Epyx)
	[G] Super Cycle (1985, C64, Epyx)
	[P] Temple of Apshai Trilogy (1985, AP2, Epyx) port from 800
	Skate or Die!, with David Bunch (1987, C64, EA)
	Blue Lightning (1989, LNX, Atari)

Lubar, David R.
	Bumper Blocks (1980, AP2, Creative Computing)
	Obstacle Course (1980, AP2, Creative Computing)
	Killing Zone (1981, AP2, Versaware)
	[G] Battlesight (AP2, Versa Computing)
	Worm War I (1982, 2600, Sirius/Fox)
	The Challenge of.....Nexar (1983, 2600, Spectravision)
	Fantastic Voyage (1982, 2600, Sirius/Fox)
	Space Master X-7 (1982, 2600, Sirius/Fox) ported to the 800 as Alpha Shield
	Bumper Bash (1982, 2600, Spectravideo)
	Flash Gordon (1983, 2600, Fox)
	[D] Plasmania, with Eugene Geer (1983, AP2, Sirius)
	Pastfinder (1983, 800, ACT)
	[N] Graphics Magician, with Chris Jochumson, Mark Pelczarski (1984, AP2, Penguin)
	[P] Master of the Lamps (1985, 800, Activision) port from C64
	[P] Murder on the Mississippi (AP2, ACT) port from C64?
	[P] Shanghai (1986, AP2, ACT) port from C64?
	[P] Pharaoh's Revenge (1988, C64, Publishing International) port from AP2
	River Raid II (1988, 2600, ACT)
	Sentinel (1989, 2600/7800, Atari)
	My Golf (1990, 2600, HES)
	[P] Home Alone (GBOY, 1991, THQ)
	Swamp Thing (NES, Absolute)
	[G] Super Battletank II (SNES, Absolute)
	[G] Home Improvement (SNES, Absolute)

Ludwig, Scott
	Quarxon (1983, 800, APX)
	Caterpiggle (1983, 800, APX)
	[NG] Windows (Microsoft, PC) starting with version 1.0

Mataga, Cathryn [formerly William Mataga]
	Shamus (1982, 800, Synapse)
	Shamus: Case II (1983, 800, Synapse)
	Zeppelin (1983, 800, Synapse)
	[P] Brimstone, with David Bunch, Bill Darrah (1985, AP2, Synapse)
	[P] Neverwinter Nights (1991, PC, SSI)
	[P] Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991, PC, SSI)
	[P] Shamus (2000, GBOY, Junglevision) port from 800

Miller, Alan
	Basketball (1977, 2600, Atari)
	Surround (1977, 2600, Atari) aka Chase; Blockade-like
	Hangman (1978, 2600, Atar) aka Spelling
	[N] Atari 800 OS, with David Crane, Larry Kaplan (1979, 800, Atari)
	Basketball (1979, 800, Atari)
	Checkers (1980, 2600, ACT)
	Tennis (1981, 2600, ACT)
	Ice Hockey (1981, 2600, ACT)
	Starmaster (1982, 2600, ACT)
	Robot Tank (1983, 2600, ACT)
	Law of the West (1985, C64, Accolade)

Minter, Jeff (Llamasoft)
	Defenda (VIC) aka Andes Attack; later for ST
	Aggressor (1982, VIC, HES)
	Rat Man (1982, VIC)
	Abductor (1982, VIC)
	Gridrunner (1982, VIC, HES) later for C64
	Matrix: Gridrunner II (1982, VIC, HES)
	Headbanger's Heaven (1983, SPEC)
	Traxx (1983, VIC)
	Laser Zone (1983, VIC)
	Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time (VIC) later for C64
	[N] Psychedelia (VIC) light sythesizer; later for C64, SPEC, MSX
	Rox 64 (1983, C64)
	Laser Zone (1986, C64)
	Attack of the Mutant Camels (1983, C64)
	Hover Bovver (1983, C64/800, Llamasoft)
	Revenge of the Mutant Camels (1984, C64) later for ST/AMI
	Ancipital (1984, C64, Llamasoft)
	Hell Gate (1984, C64, Llamasoft)
	Sheep in Space (1984, C64, Llamasoft)
	Mama Llama (1985, C64, Llamasoft)
	Batalyx (1986, C64, Ariolasoft)
	[N] Colourspace (1985, 800, Antic)
	Void Runner (1987, C64, MAST)
	Iridis Alpha (C64)
	Return of the Mutant Camels (1987, C64, MAST)
	Super Deflex (SPEC)
	Turboflex (800)
	[N] Trip-A-Tron (ST/AMI, Llamasoft)
	Super Gridrunner (ST)
	Photon Storm (AMI, Llamasoft)
	Llamazap (Atari Falcon, Llamasoft)
	Defender II (1990?, ST/AMI, Llamasoft)
	Llamatron (1991, ST, Llamasoft) Robotron-like
	Hardcore (1992, ST, Llamasoft)
	Tempest 2000 (1994, JAG, Atari)
	[N] Virtual Light Machine (1995, JAG CD, Atari)
	Defender 2000 (1996, JAG, Atari)
	Tempest 3000 (2001?, Nuon, VM Labs)
	Deflex (2002, PC/Pocket PC, Llamasoft)
	Hover Bovver (2002, PC/Pocket PC, Llamasoft)
	Gridrunner++ (2002, PC, Llamasoft)

Moriarty, Brian
	[TB] Adventure in the Fifth Dimension (1983, 800, ANALOG)
	[T] Crash Dive! (1984, 800, ANALOG)
	Wishbringer (1985, many, Infocom)
	Trinity (1986, many, Infocom)
	Beyond Zork (1987, PC/MAC, Infocom)
	[L] Loom (1990, PC, Lucasfilm)
	[D] Loadstar (1995, PC, RocketScience)

Neubauer, Doug
	Star Raiders (1979, 800, Atari)
	Megaforce (1982, 2600, Fox) as Dallas North
	Alien (1982, 2600, Fox) as Dallas North
	M*A*S*H (1983, 2600, Fox) as Dallas North
	Solaris (1986, 2600, Atari)
	Super Football (1988, 2600, Atari)
	Radar Lock (1988, 2600, Atari)

Nitchals, Jim L. [co-founder of Cavalier; RIP 1998]
	Bug Attack (1981, AP2/800, Cavalier)
	Asteroid Field (1980, AP2, Cavalier)
	Star Thief (1981, AP2, Cavalier)
	Microwave, with Jay Zimmerman (1982, AP2, Cavalier)
	Teleport, with Mike Abbott (1982, AP2, Cavalier)
	Ring Raiders (AP2, Cavalier) free promotional game
	[NG] Music Construction Set (1984, AP2, EA)
	[P] Archon (1984, AP2, EA) port from 800; also Mac port in 1985-6
	[P] Archon II: Adept (1985, AP2, EA) port from 800
	[G] Zany Golf, with Will Harvey (1988, GS, EA)

Potter, Mike
	[PB] House of Usher (1980, 800, Crystalware) port from AP2
	[B] Imperial Walker (1981, 800, Crystalware) collection of 5 games
	[PB] Galactic Quest (1981, 800, Crystalware) port from AP2
	[PB] Fantasyland 2041 AD (1981, 800, Crystalware) port from AP2
	[PB] Little Crystal I & II (1981, 800, Crystalware) port from AP2
	[B] Laser Wars (1981, 800, Crystalware)
	[B] Waterloo II, with John Bell (1981, AP2/800, Crystalware)
	Protector (1981, 800, Crystalware) later from Synapse
	Protector II (1982, 800, Synapse)
	Chicken (1982, 800, Synapse)
	Nautilus (1983, 800, Synapse)
	Shadow World (1983, 800, Synapse)
	Plaque Man (1983, 800, HCS) Pac-Man-like

Price, Philip
	The Tail of Beta Lyrae (1983, 800, Datamost)
	Alternate Reality: The City (1985, 800, Datasoft)
	Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, with Ken Jordan, Dan Pinal (1987, C64, Datasoft)

Robinett, Warren
	Slot Racers (1978, 2600, Atari)
	[N] BASIC Programming (1979, 2600, Atari)
	Adventure (1979, 2600, Atari)
	[N] Rocky's Boots (1982, AP2, Learning Company)

Rotberg, Ed
	Atari Baseball (1979, COIN, Atari)
	[L] Battlezone (1980, COIN, Atari)
	[G] Snake Pit (1984, COIN, Bally Sente)
	[G] Hat Trick (1985, COIN, Bally Sente)
	[G] Goalie Ghost (1986, COIN, Bally Sente)
	[P] Name That Tune (1986, COIN, Bally Sente)
	[L] Blasteroids (1987, COIN, Atari Games)
	[L] S.T.U.N. Runner (1989, COIN, Atari Games)
	Shuuz (1990, COIN, Atari Games)
	[L] Steel Talons, with Ed Logg (1991, COIN, Atari Games)
	[G] Guardians of the Hood (1992, COIN, Atari Games)

Schwader, Warren
	Hi-Res Cribbage (1980, AP2, On-Line)
	Thrilogy (1981, AP2, Sierra)
	Threshold, with Ken Williams (1981, AP2, Sierra)
	[N] The Artist (1982, AP2, Sierra)
	Sammy Lightfoot (1983, AP2, Sierra)
	Hoyle's Book of Games Volumes 1-4 (1989-93, PC, Sierra)
	[G] Jones in the Fast Lane (1991 PC, Sierra)

Shirley, Paul
	Confuzion (1985, CPC/C64, Incentive) Loco-Motion-like
	Spindizzy (1986, CPC/C64, ACT/Electric Dreams)
	Mission Genocide/ZTB (1987, CPC/C64/ST, Firebird)
	Quartz (1989, AMI/ST, Firebird/MicroProse)
	Spindizzy Worlds (1991, ST/AMI, ACT)

Skelly, Tim
	Starhawk (1979, COIN, Cinematronics)
	Sundance (1979, COIN, Cinematronics)
	Warrior (1979, COIN, Vectorbeam)
	Rip-Off (1980, COIN, Cinematronics)
	Armor Attack (1980, COIN, Cinematronics)
	[D] Star Castle, with Scott Boden (1980, COIN, Cinematronics)
	War of the Worlds (1982, COIN, Cinematronics)
	Reactor (1982, COIN, Gottlieb)

MacLean, Archer [note:  did all versions of games himself]
	Dropzone (1984, 800/C64, Arena Graphics/US Gold) distributed by Microdaft in the US
	*International Karate (1986, 800/C64, System 3)
	International Karate+ (1988, C64) later ported to ST/AMI
	Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker (1991, ST/AMI/PC) wrote GEN version in 1995
	Archer MacLean's Pool (1992, ST/AMI/PC)
	Dropzone (1993-4, NES/GEAR/GBOY/SMS)

Suzuki, Tony
	Alien Rain (1981, AP2, Star Craft)
	Alien Typhoon (1982, AP2, Star Craft) Galaxian-like
	Star Blazer (1982, AP2, Star Craft)

Westfall, Anne
	[PB] Hellfire Warrior (1980, PET, ASIM) port from TRS
	[B] Tuesday Morning Quarterback (1981, TRS) ASIM)
	[PB] Temple of Apshai (1981, 800, ASIM) port from TRS
	[P] Tax Dodge, with Jon Freeman (1982, 800, Island Graphics)
	[P] Archon, with Jon Freeman, Paul Reiche III (1983, 800, EA)
	[P] Archon II: Adept, with Jon Freeman, Paul Reiche III (1984, 800, EA)
	[P] Swords of Twilight, with Jon Freeman (1989, AMI, EA)
	[P] Gin King/Cribbage King (1989, AMI, Software Toolworks)
	[P] Chessmaster 2100 (1990, AMI, Software Toolworks)
	[P] Archon Ultra (1994, PC, SSI)
	[P] Simplex, with Jon Freeman (online, GameTV)
	[P] Eureka, with Jon Freeman (online, GameTV)
	[P] Reflection, with Jon Freeman (online, GameTV)
	[P] Stop & Go, with Jon Freeman (online, GameTV)
	[P] Grab, with Jon Freeman (online, GameTV)
	[P] Heartless, with Jon Freeman (online, GameTV)

Whitehead, Bob
	[P] Star Ship (1977, 2600, Atari) port from COIN
	Blackjack (1977, 2600, Atari)
	Homerun (1978, 2600, Atari)
	Football (1979, 2600, Atari)
	Casino (1979, 2600, Atari)
	Video Chess, with Larry Wagner (1979, 2600, Atari)
	Skiing (1980, 2600, ACT)
	Boxing (1980, 2600, ACT)
	Stampede (1981, 2600, ACT)
	Chopper Command (1982, 2600, ACT)
	Sky Jinks (1982, 2600, ACT)
	Private Eye (1984, 2600, ACT)
	Hardball! (1985, C64, Accolade)
	4th & Inches (1987, C64, Accolade)

Williams, Bill [RIP 1998]
	Salmon Run (1982, 800, APX)
	Necromancer (1982, 800, Synapse)
	Alley Cat (1984, 800, Synapse) also PC port
	[N] Relax, with Kelly Jones (1984, 800, Synapse)
	Mind Walker (1986, AMI, Commodore)
	Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon, with Steve Quinn, John Cutter (1987, AMI, Cinemaware)
	Pioneer Plague (1988, AMI, Terrific)
	Knights of the Crystallion (1991, AMI, U.S. Gold)
	[P] Monopoly (1991, NES, PB)
	Bart's Nightmare (1992, SNES, Acclaim)

Woakes, Paul
	Encounter (1984, 800, Novagen) also C64 port
	Mercenary (1985, 800, Novagen) also C64 port
	Mercenary: The Second City (1986, C64, Novagen)
	[P] Mercenary Compendium (1986, AMI, Novagen)
	[G] Battle Island (1988, C64/AMI, Novagen)
	Backlash (1988, ST/AMI, Novagen)
	Damocles (1990, ST/AMI, Novagen) aka Mercenary II
	Amiga Encounter (1991, AMI, Novagen)
	Mercenary III (1992, ST/AMI)
	[P] Legends of Valour, with Graham Lilley (1993, ST, U.S. Gold) port from PC