Archived Material

  • Type-in games from an 8-bit magazine author.
  • Lucky Wander Boy Book Review
  • The Story of Zoo Keeper from John Morgan, one of the programmers.
  • Mike Potter's Story, memories from one of Synapse Software's first game programmers.
  • Retrogaming in the Year 2000: Musings on The Giant List.
  • The games of John Phillips, ex-game programmer for Texas Instruments.
  • Bill Williams (author of Necromancer and Alley Cat) remembered.
  • Tim Skelly's detailed history of Cinematronics and Vectorbeam (long).
  • Reminiscing from Richard Maurer (author of Atari 2600 Space Invaders and Maze Craze)
  • Wrap-up of the 1998 Apple II Game Programmer Reunion.
  • Report on the death of Jim Nitchals from June 1998 (sniff).
  • Report on the death of Danielle Bunten Berry from July 1998 (double sniff).

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